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Samsung ATIV q

Introduction :

Samsung blew the roof once it undraped the samsung ATIV q, and not solely with the record screen resolution of this convertible tablet/ultrabook device, however alternative novel ideas that beg to be approached with open mind, as there is barely a indicator for one thing am passionate about it.

Running hot-swap Windows eight and automaton on a thirteen.3” bit show with the fulgurant 3200x1800 pixels of resolution, steam-powered by the newest Haswell chip endurance jock by Intel, all stuffed into a skinny and light-weight body with a crazy hinge that slides the device into a pill, notebook or hybrid “terrace” type – all ofthat's not for the faint of heart makers, and features a instruction for disaster sign written everywhere it.

Samsung ATIV q

Has Samsung managed to grant United States of America a glimpse at the longer term of moveable devices for work and play, or can the samsung ATIV q desire it's approach before its time owing to “details” like hinge construction, computer code measurability for such resolution, or just overpricing? browse on to search out out...

Design :

The first time you grab the ash black 
samsung ATIV q, it exudes the impression of a superior, albeitlargely plastic 13” ultrabook. it's pretty skinny at 14mm, and the 2.8 pounds (1.3 kg) of weight square measureover affordable for truth laptop computer power it holds.

When closed a pill mode, however, it's the plain disadvantage of being a reasonably massive and significantone, consideration doubly what your average 10-incher willit isn't that your hands can get very tired once youhold it with eachhowever most of the time you wish to rest it against your body for support. the shape issue is somewhat a lot of helpful once reading or observation movies in bed, as you'll lean it against the head-board or your knees and it takes a lot of less house this manner

Samsung ATIV q

Perhaps the foremost fascinating style halfand therefore the one with the largest interrogation point in terms of sturdiness is that the hinge mechanism that permits the screen [*fr1] to slip from the default pill typeinto a full-fledged notebook by snapping it into place behind the chiclet keyboard. as an alternativeyou'll flip it around and use the keyboard half as a stand, or just float it parallel to the keyboard, forming a Z letter of kinds, for a complete of 4 poses that ought to cowl most things you wish.

To allay your considerations, the mechanism feels terribly durable Associate in Nursingd with an oily motion at an equivalent time. this stuff get opened and closed several thousands of times and endure pressure tests before they leave the planttherefore we tend to would not worry regarding its sturdinessnonethelesssolely time and prolonged usage can tell however it'll hold within the hands of the typical careless user. 

As if to prove that the hinge can last, Samsung placed the complete processor half within the stand behind theshow half. This beyond question helps with cooling once in notebook mode, and conjointly saves house foralternative stuff within the keyboard halftherefore if Samsung did not certify the hinge mechanism isdurable enough, it would not have engineered the guts of your 
samsung ATIV q right into it, giventhe complete flippity-flap thought of this convertible device.

Samsung ATIV q

The chiclet-style keyboard does not feature a trackpad, tho' Samsung will offer a responsive optical track pointerwithin the middle of the keyboard, with 3 mouse keys simply on the sting

The keyboard is well-spaced, with dedicated desktop mode and volume buttons column on the left, which, however, gets within the approach of writingparticularly if you're slightly employee. The keys square measure asmassive as they'll get on a 13-incher, therefore writing is fairly comfy once you get wont to the keyboard, tho'the travel feels a trifle shallow and mushy, that may be a common issue with most skinny ultrabooks. Another down purpose is that the keys are not backlit, which may be a nuisance in the dark.

Looking round the sides, we discover Associate in Nursing a USB a pair of.0 port on the properlined with aprotecting flap, an influence key beneath it, and a headphone/mic dance band jack mediate. The left is reserved for a volume rocker and autorotate switch, whereas higher than them Associate in Nursing RJ45 jack with a frenzied electronic device and an influence jack square measure placed. The aspect keys square measuresimple to feel and press while not wanting, with enough feedback.

The rest of the property choices – Associate in Nursing USB three.0 and miniHDMI ports - square measure a trifle oddly placed, on the left aspect of the stand/hinge mechanism behind the screen halftherefore you cannotuse them whereas the 
samsung ATIV q is closed pill mode. The microSD card slot is there, too,however on the proper aspect of the stand. there's Associate in Nursing HD 720p-capable front camera for video chat higher than the show.

Last however not least, the 
samsung ATIV q sports a inbuilt S Pen stylus, tucked handily on the propertherefore you'll quickly write things with the S Note app, doodle with Paint, or annotate to your heart'swanttho' the alphabetic character may be a significant setup to be used as a writing board such as youwould with a straight-up pill.

Samsung ATIV q

Display :

The 13.3” 3200x1800 pixels screen is with the record high 275ppi density for its size. For comparison, even the 13” MacBook professional with membrane show sports 220ppi, therefore Samsung takes the cake here, and candoubtless keep it for a short while, considering the opposite virtues of the groundbreaking touchscreen panel on the 
samsung ATIV q.

Besides being the foremost resolute screen you'll realize on any ultrabook or convertible device, it's conjointlyterribly bright and with high distinction. Viewing angles square measure nice, too, with barely a horizontal or vertical shift in brightness or distinction at the extremes. 

Samsung says the panel will reach peak brightness up to 600 nits outside below direct daylightwhich mightfacilitate enormously with outside visibility, as long as the screen reflections square measure unbrokenunder control here. Our measurements showed regarding 320 nits most brightness within at the middle of theshowthat is in line with Samsung's publicized three hundred nits average most once not in SuperBright mode.

  • Windows 8, 11.6 inches Display
  • Intel Core i5 3337U 1.8 GHz
  • 128 GB Flash Memory, 4 GB RAM Memory
  • 5.5-hour battery life, 1.96 pounds


samsung touch screen laptop