acer aspire v5 - touch screen laptop

acer aspire v5

The acer aspire V5-122P tries to be all things for all users however, in doing thereforedoes not stand go in anyspecific space and for the most part falls wanting alternative choices just like the Lenovo IdeaPad Yogaeleven or the Asus VivoBook S200.
For example, the 1.3kg, 11.6-inch chassis is lightweight and really moveable which might build it a perfectchoice for frequent travellers. however the battery life is therefore poor that you will struggle to urge a solid 2hours of use from it.

acer aspire v5

acer aspire v5
Likewise, the keyboard is durable and spacious and nice for typewriting on - however sadly the equally spacious trackpad is awkward and unresponsive.
Acer has somewhat remedied this by giving the V5-122P touchscreen input and, as such, it works o.k. with Microsoft's Windows eightyou will not got to navigate victimisation the touchpad's frustrating integrated click buttons as a result of you'll simply reach up and swipe through choices on the screen.
Although obtainable during a wide selection of specifications, our review model arrived with associate AMD A6-1460 processor with a clock speed of one.0GHz and backed by 4GB of DDR3 RAM. whereas these partshandled complicated processes well on day one, we're unsure however well the V5-122P can postponementonce a year's price of program installation and code updates.

And yet, this middling specification will land the aspire V5-122P with the not-unattractive price of £380. So, as long as you are happy to compromise on a number of optionsyou'll save yourself some money over the likes of thepower unit Envy x2 or the premium Sony Vaio pair eleven.

But, returning to our original purposeit is not specifically clear what you are going to be victimisation thislaptop computer for anyway. The show is passable however under no circumstances engineered for media.

The specifications can keep the fundamental net applications running nicely and allow you to run easyinventive codehowever do not expect to be vice or redaction HD footage. And, as we have a tendency tomentioned, it's moveable enough to be a mobile digital computer however the battery life lets it down.

The draw a bead on V5-122P comes across nearly as a supercharged netbook. you may well notice a use for ithowever, ultimately, there is nothing you cannot do here that could not be accomplished with associateUltrabook and, for instance, Microsoft's recently price-cut Surface professional pill.

Although obtainable with Intel-configured parts, our review model was engineered around associate AMD A6 quad-core processor.
It's AMD's middle-ranking processor and combines each the mainframe and GPU onto one chip. The graphicsaspect of things is handled by the integrated Radeon HD 8250 unit - which can manage diagrammaticallycomplicated websites and high-definition media playback, however not an excessive amount of more.

While performance is not as acute as Intel's giving, the AMD model of the draw a bead on V5-122P comes in cheaper and could be a sensible choice if you are stuck on a budget.

In terms of memory, the aspire V5 is loaded with 4GB of RAM, that keeps things moving at a fairly slick pace.
It would be even faster if storage was handled by a solid-state drive instead of the 500GB disc drive acer has setto use here. as a result of this is not associate Ultrabook, {there's no|there is no|there isn't associatey|there is not any} demand for an SSD and then presumptively it's been omitted to stay the prices down.
But, credit wherever credit is due, and therefore the acer aspire V5-122P will be some for its show. The screen boasts a typical one,366 x 768 constituent resolution which suggests it will handle 720p HD footage howevernot full on 1080p.

Even so, the 11.6-inch LED-backlit screen is bright and crisp with a reflective TFT coating that offers a more robustdistinction than your average matte show. Our one grievance is that the thick black edge close the screen.

acer aspire v5

The acer aspire V5-122P conjointly gets points from U.S. for being a touchscreen - a feature that's quick turning intonigh-on essential as Windows eight gathers adoption. You will, sadly, get greasy marks everywhere the TFT show,however the usability positive outweighs the aesthetic negative.
Acer has utilized a typical brushed-metal style approach with the V5, kind of like the company's earlier aspire S3 Ultrabook.
The slightly rounded corners of the chassis cannot disguise a boxlike look, though it will feel moderatelydurableknock down on the chassis either aspect of the touchpad and you may notice some serious flex -however yet, this laptop computer ought to be able to place up with the inevitable bumps and knocks.

This laptop computer does not muster a mind-blowing set of specifications, however it will are availableaffordable, considering the value you may procure it. you furthermore may will not notice it clogged with pre-loaded bloatware, though dicot genus has enclosed its media management program for enjoyingsongs and looking at videos.



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acer aspire v5