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acer aspire s7

Intel's fourth generation Core processors, supported the company's Haswell microarchitecture, have donedelicacies for ultrabooks this year. because of Haswell, Ultrabooks have rapt abundant nearer to Intel’s original vision of skinny, light, low-power (but still powerful) systems that shun noncurrent parts and introduce newoptions like immoderate high resolutions and touchscreen displays. Acer’s recently-updated  acer aspire s7 is a exemplar of however way ultrabooks have return and wherever they're headed. 

acer aspire s7

Acer sent U.S.A. associate  acer aspire s7-392-6411 for review and analysis. The model rings in at $1,399.99 at Acer’son-line store and looks to be consistently-priced among the same old on-line retail suspects, tho' the Microsoft Store is touting free shipping. If you wish the S7 and need to cost search on-line, poke around victimisationS7-392 as your keyword – you’ll realize there ar one or two configurations at totally different value points.however don’t mistake the S7-391 models for what we’re reviewing these days – those ar older versions. With thelooking tips out of the approach, let’s probe the aspire S7 ’s hardware.

The aspire S7’s thirteen.3-inch show has all the proper stuff, together with a full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution,LED backlighting, and ten-point bit. Of course, bit suggests that fingerprints on your screen, however we tend to found the aspire S7’s show to be fairly immune to smudges. That’s in all probability because of the Corning great ape Glass, that covers the show and is constructed into the ultrabook’s case.

acer aspire s7 : The show additionally options associate IPS panel. In-Plane change is a very important feature if youtypically share your screen with friends or co-workers or care regarding correct color copy. If you’ve ever tried to look at a film on a laptop computer that doesn’t have a good viewing angle, you recognize what proportionIPS matters: colours get inclined and dark scenes become unwatchable. That’s not a difficulty with the aspire S7.

Anchoring the aspire S7’s hardware could be a fourth generation Intel Core i5-4200U central processor. A newprocessor (it was launched solely some months ago), the 1.6GHz i5-4200U boasts twin cores (plus HyperThreading) and Turbo Boost quickens to 2.6GHz. It additionally options associate Intel HD 4400 graphics controller, that supports DirectX eleven.1 and may supply higher performance than the HD 4000 we’ve seen in recent ultrabooks.

acer aspire s7

acer aspire s7 : The i5-4200U supports low-power DDR3L memory up to 16GB, however genus Acer opted for 8GB of memoryduring this model. That’s on par with alternative ultrabooks we’ve seen latetogether with the KIRAbook, Toshiba’s high-end givinghowever genus Acer mixed things up once it selected 2 64GB SSDs in RAID-0 for the ultrabook’s storage. On the one hand, SSDs ar clearly a much better alternative for ultrabooks versus thearduous drives or maybe SSD-HDD combos we’ve seen in alternative systems. however on the opposite hand,space for storing will get scarce quick once 128GB is your internal GHB. In the end, it comes all the way down to however you employ your system and wherever you store your information. If you’re an important cloud user, a patterned SSD array in all probability appears like an honest trade-off considering the performanceenhancements it ought to supply

Ethernet ports ar passé for several hip new ultrabooks recentlythus it’s no surprise that the shiny aspire S7 doesn’t have one. As for wireless, it has 802.11a/b/g/n property and Bluetooth four.0.


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acer aspire s7